"I believe what truly sets Avanti apart is our genuine commitment to customer service. Each one of our employees takes a great deal of pride in providing our Customers with the finest quality material and a level of service unmatched in our industry."

- Bill Werder, CEO
Avanti Marble & Granite

Embracing Nature-Inspiring Design.

The word Avanti stems from the Italian word meaning to "move forward" and "ahead".  Combined with our deep passion for natural stone, the word Avanti has come to symbolize our determination to innovate and adapt to the newest trends, our increased focus on a much more select group of first quality products, and a renewed focus on relationships and sharing our knowledge with each and every customer.

Bill Werder began his career in the Ceramic Tile Industry in 1983 and entered the Stone Industry in 1991.After three years working for a stone distributor, he and a partner established their own company in 1994. Three years later in August of 1997, he established Avanti Marble & Granite. Avanti became one of the mid-Atlantic region's premier supplier of natural stone products, quickly growing as a result of their commitment to quality, honesty and reliable service. These qualities that fueled their growth in the past, have become things expected from every stone supplier today.

With so many more products to choose from, the popularity of polished granite is not the same as it once was and selecting stone is no longer simply a matter of matching the right color to the cabinets, fixtures and surrounding environment. In order to offer real value today, they recognize the need to openly share their knowledge about the unique qualities and limitations for every material they offer. 

Avanti Marble & Granite, Inc. has ceased all operations and is no longer acting as a stocking distributor of natural stone.